Realize the dream of owning a “Sport Is Success” business concept that allows you to be a community leader while pursuing your passion for sports and working with young people.

Private coaching and sports instruction is a huge and growing market. (Even in the most saturated of markets. Example. USA).

  • American households with children spent an estimated $4.1 billion last year
    on sports instruction and private coaching.
  • Seven out of ten Americans participate in one or more sports, physical conditioning and outdoor activities.
Sports participation is woven into the fabric of society today. Parents want their children to be competitive, improve their self-esteem, their health and their sense of camaraderie with their peers. And these parents don't just go to watch their children…they spend money.
A quality offering in a high-demand and underserved market means you get the chance to own a franchise that will not only give you spades of satisfaction, but also highly remunerative. You always win.
World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” executives have decades of experience as leaders in the business and coaching communities.
With a team of sports fanatics, World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” executives have the experience to bring a world-class franchise opportunity to you.

World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” franchisees take advantage of our fully developed sales and marketing programs.
With a World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” franchise, much of your sales and marketing work is already done. Available to you will be sales and marketing materials with proven results including a general brochure, a parent Q&A brochure and a series of presentations for Clubs and Schools.

In addition, you will also receive a customized section of the World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” web site, which will highlight your World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” Training Center and provide pertinent local information.

Have a positive effect on the lives of children.
It's a well-known fact that sports participation bolsters young peoples' self-esteem and confidence. With a World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” franchise, you'll have the opportunity not only to own a successful business, but also to have a positive influence on the lives of countless young people who receive training at your center.

These students will have fun while learning specific lessons about the fundamentals of athletic performance and broader lessons about respect and self-discipline. With a World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” franchise, you can join a team that has a positive influence on young people!

Franchisee & Training support services.
Each franchise Business Director and Sports Performance Director will receive three days of training at World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” Service Center.

Three Days In three days of your training, you will review Franchise plans, Human Resources, Sports Programs, Business Operations, Marketing and Advertising, Daily Operations Program Design, Practical Application, and Sports Performance Focus.
Ongoing franchise support services.
With a World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” franchise, you will always receive support from the corporate office. Every year we will conduct regional training conferences, and regularly host a franchise-wide, national conference. We update the World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” Training Program on an ongoing basis to ensure that our franchisees are able to provide the most advanced training services to their clients. We provide on-going field support when you need us, uniforms and promotional items, newsletters.

In an effort to better communicate with our franchisees, we implemented the Franchise Service Team (F.S.T.). FST is comprised of a group of franchisees that provide feedback to the franchisor through regularly scheduled meetings where we review topics affecting our business. FST provides advice and direction regarding corporate strategy and network expansion, operations at the corporate and franchise level and marketing program development.
World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” Training Programs remain at the cutting edge of sports training.
With training programs scientifically designed by professionals and a team of expert coaches, World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” offers training programs that athletes cannot find anywhere else! At World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™”, athletes will develop speed, agility and coordination, strength and power, mobility and flexibility, and energy systems with an additional focus on injury prevention.

Join a network of peers.
With a World Sports Institute’s “F.I.T.™” franchise, you will be joining a network of professionals, including high-level executives from a variety of industries, who will all want to start their own franchises.